Be Well

I’m always super thankful for snow days because they force me to sit down and work on my side business. A few years ago, I felt the pull to do something more with my life. It’s not that I needed a complete life change, but I definitely had outgrown a lot of my routines and was feeling stuck.

I was bartending for a wedding and on the drive out, a song came on my radio that hit me like a Red Bull. Life Changes by Thomas Rhett. Have you heard that one?

This song hit me in so many places. Pursue your dreams. Push harder. Do the things that challenge you. Embrace the mess. Be you. Do you. Love the journey.

So, as I’m listening to this song on repeat, I decide to write a book. Well, that’s in process. I’m definitely taking my time because I am literally in the prime of my life and I know everything that’s shifting for me right now is going to play a huge role in my writing.

That being said, I want to share a little bit of my side business. Of course, most of you know me as a teacher by day. I teach kindergarten and it’s one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs that exist. I will stand by that forever. Teaching has brought me so much joy because I know that every single day, I am making an impact on little human beings who are going to grow into compassionate and loving adults. I pray.

I have this desire to coach, though. I want more people to experience the wellness I’ve come to find through years of research, practice, therapy, application, etc. I see so many adults who feel stuck and have settled for a less-than-awesome lifestyle because change seems too hard. I listen to people complain about their situation and tell me that it’s just a matter of time before I’m stuck there, too. Newsflash: YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE. Are you happily married? Are you a happy parent? Do you love your job? Do you take care of your body? Do you feel whole? Do you feel well? These are all questions you should be asking yourself and if the answer to any of them is unsettling, we need to talk!

I’ve developed a framework that has enabled me to move through life with ease. For a long time, I struggled with fear and anxiety. Haven’t we all? It wasn’t enough for me to just accept that. I wanted more. So, I found out how to overcome it and here we are. I can tell you right now, nothing in this world is going to make you a happier person until you come to terms with who you are. Let’s work together to get your life on track. You will NEVER regret taking the steps toward loving yourself as you are and reaping the benefits that come with it….. NATURALLY!


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