Keto Hydrate

My first week of keto was incredible. I felt better than I had in years. Coincidentally, I was really busy with school commitments and wasn’t attending my regular workout class as strictly as I had been. When I finally got back into my regular schedule, there was a big change. I was getting tired quicker and I felt really weak.

After doing some research, I learned that keto athletes can suffer from a lack of electrolytes due to the depletion of carbs. In an effort to get myself back to normal, I made a few changes today. For one, I added 1/2 a banana (15 grams of carbohydrate) 30 minutes before my workout and then I took a batch of Keto Hydrate. This name came to me pretty easily because hydrate is just what it does!

There are lots of sports drinks and electrolyte enhanced drinks out there, but very few are low carb. Additionally, the price adds up, ESPECIALLY when you are working out 5-6 times per week. So, today, my goal was to create a replica of those sports drinks that is low in cost and easy to make.

I took this drink to my workout class today. I sipped it throughout the 1 hour session and I FELT AMAZING. Thinking about those of you who are keto athletes, this is a total game changer. It’s a great drink to combat the keto flu and it’s a really clean hangover cure! I really hope this recipe might help you, too!

You will need:
16 oz of water
2 tbsp of lemon juice (real is best, but bottled works, too)
1/4 tsp Himilayan pink salt
2 packets of Truvia or any keto approved sweetner

Mix all ingredients in a shaker bottle or blend and enjoy!

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