Kickin’ the Carbs

So, if you’ve been following my health journey at all, you know that I have followed a gluten free lifestyle for many, many years. I am not really interested in gluten free options for pastas, breads, etc. so I usually just replace the “carb” for something else. I have been feeling kind of blah during my workouts and wondered if I needed to shake things up to break the plateau.

A friend of mine was telling me about how she tried the Keto lifestyle for a few weeks, but she hated the thought of eliminating whole food groups. I asked about which groups she was restricting and she said “grains and dairy.” Obviously, I was intrigued. She shared a book she purchased and I spent the rest of the day down the rabbit hole of Keto.

Today is day 5 of a very extreme carb deficit. I chose to keep my protein moderate and my fats high. Friends, this lifestyle is absolutely unbelievable. I have never felt better. My energy is HIGH and NATURAL. I have almost completely kicked my sugar addiction and I don’t even miss my old lifestyle. All of this in only 5 days? Amazing.

Stay tuned for recipes and updates!

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