Coming to Light

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so I wanted to keep you in the loop on some of the amazing work I’ve been doing. 2018 was certainly a year to remember. So much happened. So many relationships grew and flourished, but many also diminished. With each year of life, I feel like I grow more into the person God created me to be. I believe we all do. There are opportunities at every turn and it’s up to us to choose right or left. My personal belief is that nature creates beautiful serendipity.

I recently had a 3 hour coffee date with a beautiful soul sister who reassured me that in this current stage of my life, I’ve outgrown many of the habits, friendships and work that have taken up so many hours of my time. We talked about the universe, being light workers and about visions for a future where we share our gifts. It made me realize that everything I’ve done up to this point has been leading me to this new opportunity.

I can’t say a whole lot as we are still planning, envisioning and building. What I can say is that life is a gift. Our body is a temple. Food is medicine. God is on your side and you are never alone.

Cheers to 2019 – the year of empowerment!

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