Did you own Black Friday or did Black Friday own you?

Oh my gosh, you guys! Sensory overload. Unless I see a deal that I can’t pass up, I usually stay in my jammies and leave the shopping to the ones crazy enough to lose sleep for it. This year, I ventured out around noon. 

I live in a small town and to be honest, there wasn’t much happening by the time I got to Michael’s. I was able to snag all of the supplies I needed for my kindergartners Christmas gifts to their parents and even grabbed a few decor items for my mantle. WIN! 

I headed home, repositioned myself on the couch and that’s when Black Friday truly started to own me. The emails were POURING in. Emails were coming from companies and businesses that I’d never even heard of. I couldn’t keep up with it. 

Part of me was thinking, “wow, I know I’m going to need that in a month. I might as well get it now.” Then, rational me was thinking, “IT’S A TRAP!” Honestly, I battled with myself for like 3 hours reading emails. “I should get this for Adam.” “I have been wanting this and it’s on sale today!” Being a new homeowner with a list 10 miles long of things we NEED, you can imagine how I went back and forth. 

Then, the pressure! Those emails with the countdown timer are THE WORST. You sit and try to figure out which rug you like best knowing damn well you are the most indecisive person and there’s no way you can just PICK ONE! Then, you see the timer and think, “oh my God, I have 6 hours to reevaluate my dining room decor because this rug is never going to be 65% off again!  

I had to literally close the laptop, put on the Hallmark channel and make some hot chocolate. Black Friday absolutely got the best of me, but I’m proud to say it was short lived and next year, I REFUSE to check my email. 

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