Honest Review: My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

I have been raving about this toothpaste to all of my friends, so I thought it’d be fun to do a review for you! I feel like I’ve tried almost every brand of toothpaste on the market. I’ve dipped into all of the mainstream brands, but I have never found a toothpaste that sold me. It seemed like they all did the same thing and nothing stuck out as extraordinary.

As I’ve shared, I am transitioning to a more organic and clean lifestyle. I am NOT perfect. I will still use Dove deodorant because literally every natural brand I’ve tried SUCKS. But, I am all about a switch here and there. If it fits my lifestyle, I will absolutely share it! That being said, this toothpaste is legit. 

I discovered Magic Mud after asking my friend Carly (who lives a super clean life) for her toothpaste preference. She’s all about making super educated choices and though I’m nowhere near her level, I trust what she recommends! 

I started using this toothpaste about a week ago and I love it! 

I think my favorite feature is that it’s black and I laugh so hard the whole time I am brushing my teeth. Typically, brushing is a task for me. I do it, but I HATE it. Black toothpaste is the most fun way to polish your pearly whites. I’m all about that novelty life. 

I absolutely LOVE how clean my teeth feel. The flavor I use is spearmint and it is a true Goldilocks fit for me. Not too overpowering, but strong enough that I have fresh, minty breath and my teeth feel so smooth and clean! 

Another bonus is that it doesn’t affect me if I eat shortly after brushing. One thing I hate is the overpowering minty feeling that lingers in my mouth and affects how everything tastes for the next hour of my day. This one allows you to jump right into your morning orange juice or avocado toast with no affect on taste. LOVE THAT. 

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FOAMING TOOTHPASTE, this is not it. There wasn’t much of a lather, but rather, a build up of grayish black saliva that will run down your toothbrush and face. DO NOT use this toothpaste after you’ve applied your makeup. I learned that little tip the hard way. Also, if you have a battery powered toothbrush, you will see charcoal beads of shrapnel cover your bathroom mirror if you aren’t careful about keeping your mouth closed. I told you this would be an honest review. 

The only thing I can’t review right now is the whitening claim. I don’t think I notice a difference, but I also don’t want to say that it does or doesn’t whiten until I’ve committed to the whole tube. *I will do a follow up on that! I’m a coffee drinker, so I have really high hopes and expectations! 

All in all and all jokes aside, I REALLY love this toothpaste. It’ll definitely be a new staple in my routine! You can find it in most grocery stores, TJ Maxx and of course, Amazon and My Magic Mud website. 

Happy Brushing! 

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