How To: Create home screen icons for your favorite websites

The life of a teacher is not always glamorous, but it does have a few perks — especially living in Western Pennsylvania. As soon as the weather drops, I naturally throw up a Hail Mary for a 2 hour delay every night before bed. I know I am not alone, here. Within our county, there’s an amazing website that gets updated to show delays and snow days in our area. As winter weather gets more severe, many teachers refresh Schoolcast on the regular with the hope of a yellow or red strip to confirm a few extra hours of sleep. The only problem is, you have to go to the website and continue refreshing it.

This week brought a snow day and a 2 hour delay. I was the bearer of the good news to my best girlfriends who are also teachers with me. They did not understand how I knew before we got the district call, so I shared that I have Schoolcast as an app on my iPhone and they lost their ever loving minds.

Naturally, I want to share this life hack with you, too! If you’re like me, you probably have a few websites that do not have mobile apps to go with them. Every time you want to access the site, you are either doing a manual search or opening up your Safari stack to scroll through 30 open tabs. Can I get an amen? Well, you’re about to close those tabs and never look back, my friend. 

Step 1: Open Safari and search for your website of choice. 

Step 2: Along the bottom of the screen, click the plus symbol that reads “Add to Home Screen.”

Step 3: Name your icon

Step 4: Repeat and enjoy! 

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